Flowers at Holy Trinity Parish & School Campus

Many of our landscaped areas already include flowers and greenery, yet we're eager to enhance our parish gardens. By volunteering to "adopt a spot," you'll assist us in keeping weeds at bay and foster a sense of dedication to nurturing these spaces. Our ministry fosters a community for individuals who enjoy flower gardening while beautifying our parish at the same time.

Adopt A Spot

While we're fortunate to already have a few volunteers lending a hand, we warmly welcome all those with blessed with skill in gardening to join us in transforming our flower beds. We welcome additions of flowers and other tasteful landscaping choices. If you have intentions of removing existing plants please let the office know before removal and present a plan on what you will replace the removed landscaping with. We've divided our landscaping into three color-coded zones: Chapel, School, and Church. Feel free to adopt a number or a named area on the map.

Holy Trinity Landscaping Map

Interest Form

If you are passionate about gardening and want a fun and flexible way to contribute your time and talent to our parish, fill out the interest form and contact our parish office to adopt your spot at (630)968-1366. Families or groups of individuals are encouraged to volunteer to work together to maintain a spot. All ages are welcome to participate in Holy Trinity's Flower Gardening Ministry!

Flower Gardening Interest Form

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