First grade students embrace the understanding that God is our good Father and has sent his son as our Savior. We learn that Jesus is our good friend and the many ways he shows us his great love. In turn, we share ways that we can spread his love and tell others the good news! Students practice the meaning of prayer inside and outside of our holy place, the church. In addition, we read and learn Bible stories, and understand the meaning behind sacred holidays. Our classroom textbook is Spirit of Truth: God Is Love (Sophia Institute Press, 2017.)


Throughout the year, we practice addition and subtraction strategies, understanding equations, place value, describing and comparing measurable attributes, classifying objects, time at the hour and half-hour, and identifying geometrical shapes. These skills are mastered through the use of a variety of manipulatives and real-world examples. Our classroom textbook is the 2015 edition of Go Math!, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, supplemented with Simple Solutions (Bright Ideas Press, 2014) to establish a regular cycle of material review and practice, which helps students refine and strengthen mental connections between mathematical concepts.

Language Arts

Language arts instruction includes phonics, sight words, spelling and meaning, reading and comprehension strategies, guided reading, writing, and center work. In our classroom, we also practice reading to ourselves, to a partner, and how to make and share connections with peers. Leveled reading resources come from the Flying Start To Literacy program (Okapi Educational Publishing), which provides paired fiction and nonfiction titles in a planned unit. Spelling and word work follows the strategies of Words Their Way (Pearson, 2015.) Our grammar and writing work is supplemented with exercises from Voyages in English (Loyola Press, 2018.)


Throughout the first grade school year, students study the following areas of science:

  • Life science-plant and animal studies,
  • Earth science-the universe, and
  • Physical science-waves.

We experience the beauty of science by building models, observing experiments, and understanding the different properties found in God's universe.

Textbook and online resources entitled Inspire Science (McGraw Hill, 2017) are used.

Social Studies

Our academic focus in first grade social studies is: communities, resources, our early history, goods and services, and using maps.

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