In Physical Education, students participate in a wide variety of activities. Each class begins with a warm-up activity. An instructional period follows the warm-up, introducing a new skill that will be practiced and then reinforced during a game at the end of the period. All classes end with a three- to five-minute cool down and an opportunity for students to ask questions or make comments about the class. The goal is for students to develop and improve movements and skills so that they can apply them in specialized sports and activities. By participating in drills and games, students foster these skills and begin to increase and maintain physical fitness. Fitness that begins in childhood leads to lifelong habits. Physical activity should become part of a lifestyle routine that also includes good nutrition and sufficient sleep. Participation in physical activity during the childhood years promotes overall health and well-being.

A number of health topics are integrated into each class, including nutrition, physical fitness, fitness concepts, wellness and hygiene.The students in grades 3-8 will also have the opportunity to learn the basic skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) using the American Heart Association text, Friends and Family edition.

Specific PE Activities, grades K – 4:

Locomotor/Non-locomotor skills, soccer/lead up games, rhythms and dance, cup stacking, striking and volleyball, ball skills/basketball, jump rope, floor hockey/pillow polo, parachute games, cooperative games, holiday games, and similar activities.

Specific PE Activities, grades 5 – 8:

Handball/speedball, soccer, flickerball, volleyball, softball, whiffle ball, floor hockey, cup stacking, fitness assessments, aerobics, stretching and strengthening exercise, Taebo, basketball, field games, rhythmic movement, and similar activities.

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