Middle Level Science

In Middle level Science, the students focus on different aspects from each of the three branches of the subject: Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Each school year, we focus on different portions of each of the three branches, using the Next Generation Science Standards as a guide.

The main focus of the curriculum is the application of the Scientific Method to solve real-world problems.In order to accomplish this, the students will explore background content from the Discovery Education techbook, and vocabulary and core concepts through activities such as interactive word wall. Experiments and engineering design projects that ask the students to apply science concepts serve to reinforce content knowledge and lead to mastery. Through their growth in knowledge and science skill, students are led to explore God’s creation and discover more about His Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

Through these practices, the students will grow more comfortable and adept at such practices as the Science Fair, which each sixth, seventh, and eighth grade student will complete. For the Science Fair, the students will choose an area of science that they enjoy, and demonstrate their knowledge of the Scientific Method to its completion.In order to assist the students in this process, we follow the guidelines of the Joliet Diocese Science Teacher Association, as provided on their website for the Region 11 Science Fair (http://jdstaregion11sciencefair.org/).

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