Virtues Education

The Virtues

A virtue is an habitual and firm disposition to do the good. It allows the person not only to perform good acts, but to give the best of himself. The virtuous person tends toward the good with all his sensory and spiritual powers; he pursues the good and chooses it in concrete actions. [CCC 1803]

  • The theological virtues are free gifts from God, infused in the souls of the faithful to help us live as His children and strengthen us to live a moral christian life. The three theological virtues are faith, hope, and charity (love.)
  • The cardinal virtues are the primary virtues around which all of the other human virtues are grouped. The word “cardinal” means “hinge.” And so, all of the human virtues hinge or pivot upon the four cardinal virtues: prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance.
  • The human virtues, unlike the theological virtues, can be learned, practiced and acquired by human effort.

Virtues Schedule

Listed below are the virtues studied by each class, each month. We hope that you will ask your children questions about the virtues they are studying and that you will take up our efforts to recognize and affirm virtuous behaviors at home.

Grade September October November December
K Cleanliness Helpfulness Kindness Joyfulness
1 Orderliness Cooperation Obedience Gratitude
2 Responsibility Patience Compassion Generosity
3 Philomathy Friendship Sensitivity Enthusiasm
4 Commitment Perseverance Dependability Contentment
5 Respect Courtesy Resoluteness Frugality
6 Optimism Loyalty Forgiveness Humor
7 Truthfulness Justice Discernment Selflessness
8 Wisdom Audacity Patriotism Detachment

Grade January February March April May
K Politeness Hospitality Bravery Sincerity Reverence
1 Honesty Punctuality Reliability Sociability Piety
2 Industriousness Consideration Simplicity Persistence Righteousness
3 Diligence Self-control Peacefulness Purposefulness Wonder
4 Flexibility Caution Self-sacrifice Thrift Understanding
5 Serenity Repentance Consistency Forbearance Resourcefulness
6 Faithfulness Zeal Obedience Determination Trustworthiness
7 Temperance Modesty Humility Prudence Fortitude
8 Discretion Courage Acceptance Purity Integrity
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