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Thank you for making my Catholic Education Possible!

Thanks to the generosity of our parishioners, 10 students will receive scholarships to Holy Trinity this fall through donations received through Empower Illinois and the Invest in Kids Act. But there is a lot more work to do in order to declare the program a complete success.

“Last year we had 20 students apply for the program, and were able to provide scholarships for 7 of them,” said Holy Trinity Principal Dr. Pam Simon. “So this year we set a goal of funding 100% of the need, as we hate the thought of turning away a deserving student who truly wants to attend Holy Trinity. We thought if we could collect $80,000, we would be able to accommodate everyone.”

“But the need is greater than ever,” she continued. “So far we have had 34 students approved for the program. The good news is we’re well on our way to meeting our original goal of $80,000. The bad news is that even if we hit our target, 14 prospective students will still be left out.”

Invest in Kids Act – Give a Scholarship, Get a Tax Credit

Illinois enacted the Invest in Kids Scholarship Tax Credit Program in 2017. This program allows individuals to fund a scholarship benefiting an eligible student at Holy Trinity School (or other qualifying school/organization) and receive 75% of their total donation back in Illinois state tax credits. For example, if a donor makes a gift of $4,000, they will be eligible to claim $3,000 in tax credits.

So far we have received $35,000 in donations, with another $40,000 in confirmed pledges. “On behalf of the students of Holy Trinity, we are incredibly grateful to all those who have donated to this amazing cause,” said Fr. Rafal, Holy Trinity’s Pastor. “God bless you for your generosity.”

If you are interested in supporting Catholic education and reducing or eliminating your State of Illinois tax bill, please contact Steve Riedl, Chairman, Holy Trinity's Invest in Kids Initiative, at 312-209-9332 or steve.riedl@willistowerswatson.com.

How Empower Illinois Benefits Holy Trinity School

How To Donate - Step by Step Instructions



New Holy Trinity Program Provides Tuition Credits in return for Scholarship Donations

Starting this fall, qualifying donations to Holy Trinity through Empower Illinois will yield two valuable benefits:

  • A State of Illinois tax credit equal to 75% of the donation, PLUS
  • A Holy Trinity tuition credit equal to 10% of the donation
  • Details of this completely voluntary program are as follows:

  • Minimum qualifying donation amount is $1,000
  • Donations received in CY 2019 will be used to offset tuition during the 2019-2020 academic year
  • There must be a familial relationship between the donor and the child who receives the tuition credit
  • Unused tuition credits can roll over to the next academic year
  • For more details, contact Dr. Pam Simon at 630.971.0184 or PSimon@holytrinitywestmont.org.

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